Ádám KUN, PhD

senior research fellow
IE Department of Evolutionary Dynamics
kun.adam [at] ecolres.hu
Brief description of the main scopes: 

I'm an evolutionary biologist and an ecologist.
I'm interested in the study of the major evolutionary transitions, especially the ones related to the origin of life. My main research direction at the moment is primordial information integration and the evolution of the genetic code and translation.

Main profile in keywords: 
evolution of cooperation, origin of life, RNA world, ribozymes, landscape ecology, spatial ecology, clonal plants, cellular automata modeling, spatially explicit models
Selected publications:


Shigeyoshi Matsumura, Ádám Kun, Michael Ryckelynck, Faith Coldren, András Szilágyi, Fabrice Jossinet, Christian Rick, Philippe Nghe, Eörs Szathmáry, Andrew D Griffiths (2016): Transient compartmentalization of RNA replicators prevents extinction due to parasites Science 354(6317): pp. 1293-1296


Kun Á., Szilágyi A., Könnyű B., Zachar I., Boza G., Szathmáry E. (2015): The dynamics of the RNA world: Insights and challenges The Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. 1341:75–95


Kun Á., Dieckmann, U. (2013): Resource heterogeneity can facilitate cooperation Nature Communications 4: 2453


Kun Á, Santos, M., Szathmáry E. (2005): Real ribozymes suggest a relaxed error threshold Nature Genetics 37(9): 1008–1011