DRI Department of Tisza Research
lovas-kiss.adam [at] ecolres.hu
Brief description of the main scopes: 

Waterbird mediated propagule dispersal.
My research topic is focused on the role of waterbirds in the dispersal of different kind of organisms.

Main profile in keywords: 
plant dispersal, waterbird-mediated propagule dispersal, Bryozoans (Bryozoa), Sponges (Porifera)
Selected publications:


Costea, M., El Miari, H., Laczkó, L., Fekete, R., Molnár, A. V., Lovas-Kiss, Á.*, & Green, A. J.* (2019): The effect of gut passage by waterbirds on the seed coat and pericarp of diaspores lacking “external flesh”: Evidence for widespread adaptation to endozoochory in angiosperms. Plos One, 14(12): e0226551.
Lovas‐Kiss, Á., Sánchez, M. I., Wilkinson, D. M., Coughlan, N. E., Alves, J. A., & Green, A. (2019): Shorebirds as important vectors for plant dispersal in Europe. Ecography 42: 956-967.


Bartel, R. D., Sheppard, J. L., Lovas-Kiss, Á., Green, A. J. (2018): Endozoochory by mallards in New Zealand: what seeds are dispersed and how far? PeerJ 6:e4811
Lovas-Kiss Á., Sánchez M., Molnár V. A., Valls L., Armengol X., Mesquita-Joanes F., Green A. J. (2018): Crayfish invasion facilitates dispersal of plants and invertebrates by gulls. Freshwater Biology 63: pp. 392-404.
Lovas-Kiss Á., Vizi B., Vincze O., Molnár V. A., Green, A. J. (2018): Endozoochory of aquatic ferns and angiosperms by mallards in central Europe. Journal of Ecology 106: pp.1714-1723