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Brief description of the main scopes: 

1) Reconstruction of semi-natural vegetation at LEGO factory area
Our goal is to create a mosaic of open sand oak forest and open and closed sand grasslands at factory area in Nyíregyháza. In our study we investigate the effectiveness of different seed introduction methods and tree planting techniques.

2) The effect of seed quality in grassland restoration
The aim of our study is to investigate the effect of seed quality on in situ establishment of restored dry grassland. We study the relationship between seed germination of native species, and their in situ establishment, and the effect of short-term seed storage on field survival. We also study how to determine planting boundaries for restoration purposes based on population fitness and genetic variability of selected species.

3) The bryophyte propagule bank and its comparison with ground floor assemblage in
Central European temperate mixed forests

Species richness, composition and cover of the bryophyte diaspore bank of temperate mixed forests in Őrség is compared with the ground-floor bryophyte assemblage. The most important environmental variables (tree species composition, stand structure, microclimate, light conditions, soil and litter properties, management history, landscape properties) are explored that potentially influence species composition and richness of the bryophyte diaspore bank.

Main profile in keywords: 
restoration ecology, urban-industrial grassland restoration, sandy grasslands, seed ecology, seed bank, bryophyte diaspore bank
Selected publications:


Katalin Török, Ferenc Horváth, Anna Kövendi-Jakó, Melinda Halassy, János Bölöni, Katalin Szitár (2019): Meeting Aichi Target 15: Efforts and further needs of ecological restoration in Hungary Biological Conservation 235: pp. 128–135.
Kövendi-Jakó, Anna ; Halassy, Melinda ; Csecserits, Anikó ; Hülber, Karl ; Szitár, Katalin ; Wrbka, Thomas ; Török, Katalin (2019): Three years of vegetation development worth 30 years of secondary succession in urban-industrial grassland restoration Applied Vegetation Science 2019;22:138–149.


Katalin Török, Anikó Csecserits, Imelda Somodi, Anna Kövendi-Jakó, Krisztián Halász, Tamás Rédei, Melinda Halassy (2018): Restoration prioritization for industrial area applying multiple potential natural vegetation modeling Restoration Ecology 26: 476-488.


Kövendi-Jakó A, Csecserits A, Halassy M, Halász K, Szitár K, Török K (2017): Relationship of germination and establishment for twelve plant species in restored dry grassland APPLIED ECOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH 15:(4) pp. 227-239.


Anna Kövendi-Jakó, Sára Márialigeti, András Bidló and Péter Ódor (2016): Environmental drivers of the bryophyte propagule bank and its comparison with forest-floor assemblage in Central European temperate mixed forests Journal of Bryology 38(2): 118-126.