IE Department of Evolutionary Applications
oborny.beata [at]
Brief description of the main scopes: 

Research in the GINOP Sustainable Ecosystems Group:

self-organization and critical transitions in ecosystems,
habitat patch dynamics, spreading of species (incl. invasions),
clonal plants,
effects of climate changes on the geographic ranges of species,
competition and cooparation, species coexistence,
dynamics of population extinctions.

Main profile in keywords: 
spatial ecological modelling, computer simulations
Selected publications:


Oborny B. (2019): The plant body as a network of semi-autonomous agents: a review Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. B. 374(1774): pp. 1-11.


Oborny B. (2018): Scaling laws in the fine-scale structure of range margins MDPI Mathematics 6, 315: pp. 1-13


Oborny, B., Mony, C., Herben, T. (2012): From virtual plants to real communities: a review of modelling clonal plants Ecological Modelling 234: pp. 3-19.


Oborny, B., Szabó, Gy., Meszéna, G. (2007): Survival of species in patchy landscapes: percolation in space and time In: Storch, D., Marquet, P. & Brown, J. (eds.) Scaling biodiversity. Cambridge University Press, (ISBN 978-0511814938), pp. 409-440


Oborny, B., Meszéna, G., Szabó, Gy. (2005): Dynamics of populations on the verge of extinction Oikos 109: pp. 291-296.