Ferenc JORDÁN, DSc

BLI Department of Experimental Zoology
jordan.ferenc [at] ecolres.hu
Brief description of the main scopes: 

My main interest is in the key nodes of various biological networks, including food webs (keystone species), landscape graphs (key habitats and corridors) and animal social networks (linking group structure to group dynamics) - but also also protein-protein and microbial interaction networks. The ultimate question, in all these cases, is how to link parts to the whole.

twitter: @FerencJordan
Skype: jordan2ferenc

Main profile in keywords: 
biological networks, food webs, landscape graphs, animal social networks, protein-protein and microbial interaction networks
Selected publications:


Ortiz Marco, Hermosillo-Nuñez Brenda, González Jorge, Rodríguez-Zaragoza Fabián, Gómez Iván, Jordán Ferenc (2017): Quantifying keystone species complexes: Ecosystem-based conservation management in the King George Island (Antarctic Peninsula) Ecological Indicators 81: pp. 453–460.
Patonai Katalin, Jordán Ferenc (2017): Aggregation of incomplete food web data may help to suggest sampling strategies Ecological Modelling 352: pp. 77-89. (2017)
Pereira Juliana, Jordán Ferenc (2017): Multi-node selection of patches for protecting habitat connectivity: Fragmentation versus reachability Ecological Indicators 81: pp. 192-200.
Pereira Juliana, Saura Santiago, Jordán Ferenc (2017): Single-node vs. multi-node centrality in landscape graph analysis: key habitat patches and their protection for 20 bird species in NE Spain Methods in Ecology and Evolution, doi: 10.1111/2041-210X.12783.
Somajita Paul, Jordán Ferenc, Nagendra Harini (2017): Communication networks and performance of four New Delhi city parks Sustainability 9: 1551