head of department, senior research fellow
IAE Department of Tisza Research
borics.gabor [at] ecolres.hu
+36 52 509200/11634
Brief description of the main scopes: 

My main research interest is to study spatial and temporal aspects of phytoplankton diversity and main drivers of community assembly of phytoplankton; recently I focused on those applied and basic research topics that helped the implementation of the Water Framework Directive in Hungary (typological questions, stressor-impact relationships and development of quality assessment methods)

Committees and memberships
1992 – 2010 Hungarian Algological Society (member, secretary)
2005 –2009 Lake Intercalibration (nominated HU expert)
2009 – Phytoplankton Lake Intercalibration EC GIG (GIG lead)
2014 – 2018 River Intercalibration (nominated HU expert)
2014 – MHT Limnological Section (member of the leading committee)
2015 – SIL (member)
2016 – MTA DAB Tisza Research Working Group (group leader)
2018 – Hungarian Ecological Society (member)

Main profile in keywords: 
spatial and temporal aspects of phytoplankton diversity, community assembly, Water Framework Directive in Hungary
Selected publications:


Borics G, Grigorszky I, Szabó S, Padisák J. (2000): Phytoplankton associations under changing pattern of bottom-up vs. top-down control in a small hypertrophic fishpond in East Hungary. Hydrobiologia 424: pp. 79-90.


Szabó S L, Braun M, Borics G. (1999): Elemental flux between algae and duckweeds (Lemna gibba) during competition. Archiv fur Hydrobiologie 146: pp. 355-367.


Borics G, Fehér G, Schmidt A. (1998): Hydrochemical data for mass occurrence of Haematococcus pluvialis (Chlorophyceae). Biologia-Bratislava 53: pp. 495-497.
Borics G, Padisák J, Grigorszky I, Oldal I, Péterfi S L, Momeu L. (1998): Green algal flora of the acidic bog-lake Baláta-tó, SW Hungary. Biologia-Bratislava 58: pp. 457-465.
Péterfi L S, Padisák J, Momeu L, Borics G. (1998): Silica-scaled chrysophytes from the bog-lake Baláta-tó, SW Hungary. Nordic Journal of Botany 18: pp. 727-733.