team leader, senior research fellow
IEB Department of Terrestrial Ecology
kroel-dulay.gyorgy [at]
+36 28 360-122, 360-147 / 149
Brief description of the main scopes: 

The ecological effects climate change and land use change in central Hungary: (1) The effects of warming and drought on sand forest steppe vegetation. (2) The interactive effects of extreme drought and chronic alteration of precipitation. (3) Factors explaning the success of common ragweed. (4) The regeneration of sand grasslands following the burn of alien pine plantations. (5) The vegetation of abandoned farmsteads; the survival and spread of cultivated species. (6) The role of fine-scale disturbances in sand grasslands.

Main profile in keywords: 
climate change, land use change, vegetation dynamics, sand grasslands, Kiskunság, field experiments
Selected publications:


Kröel-Dulay, G.; Csecserits, A.; Szitár, K.; Molnár, E. ; Szabó, R.; Ónodi, G. ; Botta-Dukát, Z. (2019): The potential of common ragweed for further spread: invasibility of different habitats and the role of disturbances and propagule pressure Biological Invasions 21: 137-149.


Mojzes, A., Ónodi, G., Lhotsky, B., Kalapos, T., Csontos, P., Kröel-Dulay, Gy. (2018): Within-generation and transgenerational plasticity in growth and regeneration of a subordinate annual grass in a rainfall experiment. Oecologia 188(4): pp. 1059-1068.


Ónodi G, Kertész M, Kovács-Láng E, Ódor P, Botta-Dukát Z, Lhotsky B, Barabás S, Mojzes A, Kröel-Dulay G (2017): Estimating aboveground herbaceous plant biomass via proxies: The confounding effects of sampling year and precipitation Ecological Indicators 79:355-360


Szitár K, Ónodi G, Somay L, Pándi I, Kucs P, Kröel-Dulay G (2016): Contrasting effects of land use legacies on grassland restoration in burnt pine plantations BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION 201: pp. 356-362. (2016)


Kröel-Dulay György, Johannes Ransijn, Inger Kappel Schmidt, Claus Beier, Paolo De Angelis, Giovanbattista de Dato, Jeffrey S. Dukes, Bridget Emmett, Marc Estiarte, János Garadnai, Jane Kongstad, Edit Kovács-Láng, Klaus Steenberg Larsen, Dario Liberati, Romà Ogaya, Torben Riis-Nielsen, Andrew Smith, Alwyn Sowerby, Albert Tietema, Josep Penuelas (2015): Increased sensitivity to climate change in disturbed ecosystems Nature Communications 6:6682