Ildikó ARANY

IEB Department of Terrestrial Ecology
arany.ildiko [at]
Brief description of the main scopes: 

Mapping and assessment of ecosystem services: conceptual questions, indicators. Honey provision as an ecosystem service.

Main profile in keywords: 
ecosystem services
Selected publications:


Czúcz, B., Haines-Young, R., Kiss, M., Bereczki, K., Kertész, M., ÁgnesVári, Á., Potschin-Young, M., Arany, I. (2020): Ecosystem service indicators along the cascade: How do assessment and mapping studies position their indicators? Ecological Indicators, Volume 118, November 2020, 106729
Vári, Á., Arany, I., Kalóczkai, Á., Kelemen, K., Papp, J., & Czúcz, B. (2020): Berries, greens, and medicinal herbs—Mapping and assessing wild plants as an ecosystem service in Transylvania (Romania). Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine, 16(1), 13.


Arany, I., Vári, Á., Aszalós, R., Kelemen, K., Kelemen, M.A., Bone, G., Lellei-Kovács, E., Czúcz, B. (2019): Diversity of Flower-Rich Habitats as a Persistent Source of Healthy Diet For Honey Bees European Journal of Geography Volume 10, Number 2:89-106


Czúcz, B ; Arany, I ; Potschin-Young, M ; Bereczki, K ; Kertész, M ; Kiss, M ; Aszalós, R ; Haines-Young, R (2018): Where concepts meet the real world: A systematic review of ecosystem service indicators and their classification using CICES ECOSYSTEM SERVICES 29 pp. 145-157. , 13 p.