Lajos RÓZSA, DSc

IE Department of Evolutionary Applications
rozsa.lajos [at]
Brief description of the main scopes: 

Research, teaching, and popular science presentations mainly in the fields of:
* evolution, ecology and behavior in host-parasite systems;
* Darwinian medicine: health and disease interpreted within an evolutionary-ecological framework;
* the history of biological warfare

Main profile in keywords: 
evolutionary biology, ecology, behavior, parasitism, pathogens, parasites, Darwinian medicine, biowarfare
Selected publications:


Piross I. S., Harnos A., Rózsa L. (2019): Rensch’s rule in avian lice: contradictory allometric trends for sexual size dimorphism Scientific Reports 9(1): p. 7908
Reiczigel J, M Marozzi, I Fábián, L Rózsa (2019): Biostatistics for parasitologists – a primer to Quantitative Parasitology Trends in Parasitology 35(4): pp. 277-281.


Hardi R, G Babocsay, D Tappe, M Sulyok, I Bodó, L Rózsa (2017): Armillifer-infected snakes sold at Congolese bushmeat markets represent an emerging zoonotic threat EcoHealth (in press)
Lang Z, L Rózsa, J Reiczigel (2017): Comparison of measures of crowding, group size and diversity Ecosphere 8(7): e01897
Rózsa L, P Apari, M Sulyok, D Tappe, I Bodó, R Hardi, V Müller (2017): The evolutionary logic of sepsis Infection, Genetics and Evolution 55: 135-141.