ERI Evolutionary Systems
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Brief description of the main scopes: 

I'm interested in the structure of science and the basic joint problems of ecology and evolutionary biology. I developed an integrated discussion of the major types of ecological problems based on theoretical ecology in collaboration with Géza Meszéna, Zoltán Botta-Dukát, Gabriella Magyar and Tamás Czárán published as a textbook by OUP. Its central, organizing theme is the control of population growth. My former work on density-dependent optimization is also related to population regulation. I'm working on the extension of theory-based ecology to evolutionary biology and on the role of niche-segregation in speciation processes.

Main profile in keywords: 
evolutionary ecology, coexistence theory, diversification, building principle-based integration theory of ecology and evolutionary biology
Selected publications:


Pásztor L, Botta-Dukát Z, Magyar G, Czárán T, Meszéna G (2016): Theory-Based Ecology: A Darwinian approach Oxford University Press