Péter APARI, PhD

IE Department of Evolutionary Applications
apari.peter [at] ecolres.hu
Brief description of the main scopes: 

I'm interested in a wide spectrum of darwinian medicine, but my primary field is the adaptive mechanisms of pathogens and their molecular interactions with human and animal host organisms.

Main profile in keywords: 
evolutionary theory, Darwinian medicine, host-pathogen molecular interactions and adaptations
Selected publications:


Péter Apari; Viktor Müller (2019): Paradoxes of tumour complexity: somatic selection, vulnerability by design, or infectious aetiology? BIOLOGICAL REVIEWS 94 : 3. 1075-1088. , 14.


Lajos Rózsa; Péter Apari; Viktor Müller (2015): The Microbiome Mutiny Hypothesis: can our microbiome turn against us when we are old or seriously ill? BIOLOGY DIRECT 10: 3, 9.


Péter Apari; Joao Dinis de Sousa; Viktor Müller (2014): Why Sexually Transmitted Infections Tend to Cause Infertility: An Evolutionary Hypothesis PLOS PATHOGENS 10 : 8: e1004111 , 5.


Lajos Rózsa; Péter Apari (2012): Why infest the loved ones – inherent human behaviour indicates former mutualism with head lice PARASITOLOGY 139. 696-700, 5.