Presentations of the MS11 BioVeL - Biome-BGC Workshop

A BioVel project workshop - entitled as "Ecosystem functioning & valuation web services and workflows" - was organized in June 6-7, 2013 - Budapest. Read more ...

All the presentations can be find here as MP4 video and PowerPoint (or PREZI) - .

6 June 2013
THURSDAY 9:00 - 17:00

Welcome, Tour de Table ... (MP4 video, 57 MB)
by Ferenc HORVÁTH (MTA ÖK, Vácrátót)

Introduction and overview

BioVeL tools of a virtual laboratory (MP4 video, 434 MB) ... PPTX (5 MB)
by Alex HARDISTY (BioVeL - CU, Cardiff)

Biome-BGC model developments and case studies
presentations of Biome-BGC developers, modelers and research users

Land carbon cycle, managed ecosystems and climate (MP4 video, 438 MB) ... PPT (5 MB)
by Galina CHURKINA (IASS Potsdam)

Climate change impact on forests - Modelling perspective (MP4 video, 499 MB) ... PPTX (8 MB)
by Tomás HLÁSNY (National Forest Center, Zvolen)

Spatial modeling by Biome-BGC (MP4 video, 269 MB) ... PREZI
by Adam MORENO (BOKU, Wien)

Development and application of Biome-BGC in Austria (MP4 video, 243 MB) ... PPTX (8 MB)
by Christopher THURNHER (BOKU, Wien)

Recent model developments in Hungary: Biome-BGC MuSo (MP4 video, 390 MB) ... PPT (12 MB)
by Zoltán BARCZA (ELTE - MTA ÖK, Budapest)

Biome-BGC simulation based web service tools and workflows

Overview of Biome-BGC specific BioVeL Tools (MP4 video, 69 MB) ... PPT (1 MB)
by Ferenc HORVÁTH (MTA ÖK, Vácrátót)

Biome-BGC Projects Database and behind (MP4 video, 301 MB) ... PPT (1 MB)
by Péter ITTZÉS & Dóra ITTZÉS (MTA ÖK, Vácrátót)

Plans for Biome-BGC Data Retrieval Services (MP4 video, 219 MB) ... PPT (1 MB)
by Ferenc HORVÁTH (MTA ÖK, Vácrátót)

FORESEE: Open Database for Climate Change-Related Impact Studies in Central Europe (MP4 video, 237 MB) ... PPT (1 MB)
by Laura DOBOR (ELTE, Budapest)

Demonstrating Biome-BGC CARBON on Taverna Workbench (MP4 video, 345 MB) ... PPT (4 MB)
by Eszter LELLEI-KOVÁCS (MTA ÖK, Vácrátót)

Demonstrating Biome-BGC Monte Carlo Experiment based services on BioVeL Portal (MP4 video, 274 MB) ... PPT (2 MB)
by Péter ITTZÉS & Dóra ITTZÉS (MTA ÖK, Vácrátót)

7 June 2013
FRIDAY 9:00 - 15:00

Announcements from the project coordinator ... (MP4 video, 71 MB) ... PPT (1 MB)
by Alex HARDISTY (BioVeL - CU, Cardiff)

Frontline ideas and tools for ecosystem service assessment
Presentation of ecosystem related concepts and tools

Biophysical control of ecosystem services (MP4 video, 262 MB) ... PPT (14 MB)
by Robert DUNFORD (OpenNESS, Oxford)

Assessing ecosystem services in Southern Transylvania: Results and experiences from an interdisciplinary project (MP4 video, 282 MB) ... PPT (6 MB)
by Jan HANSPACH (Leuphana, Lüneburg)

Model intercomparison in relation to grassland productivity in Europe (MP4 video, 339 MB) ... PPT (2 MB)
by Shaoxiu MA (MACSUR, Clermont-Ferrand)

Biome-BGC based Ecosystem Service Indicators (MP4 video, 585 MB) ... PPT (3 MB)
by Miklós KERTÉSZ (MTA ÖK, Vácrátót)

Open questions on Ecosystem Service Indicators (MP4 video, 622 MB) ... PPT (3 MB)
by Bálint CZÚCZ (MTA ÖK, Vácrátót)

Benchmarking Biome-BGC Monte Carlo Experiment (MCE) based services (MP4 video, 217 MB) ... PPT (1 MB)
by Péter ITTZÉS & Zoltán BARCZA (MTA ÖK, Vácrátót)

Tableau Photo of the workshop.

Participants in the front line from left to right: Eszter Lellei-Kovács, Katarina Merganicova, Dóra Ittzés, Adam Moreno, Györgyi Gelybó, Borbála Balázs, Elisabeth Paymal, Laura Dobor.
Back line from left to right: Péter Ittzés, Shaoxiu Ma, Jiri Trombik, Tomás Hlásny, Robert Dunford, Ferenc Horváth, Alex Hardisty, Christopher Thurnher, Galina Churkina, Zoltán Barcza, Hrvoje Marjanovic, Masa Ostrogovic

The flooded lower bank of Danube in those days at Szabadság bridge, Budapest.