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The Forest Ecological Research Group focuses on the investigation of species and functional composition, structure and dynamics of forests. The studies are mainly related to the deciduous forests of the Carpathian basin including managed and unmanaged stands. The investigations include stand structure, many organism groups (plants, animals, fungi), forest site (microclimate, soil conditions) and biological processes (decomposition, predation, regeneration, effect of large herbivores). The current research projects of the group are (1) the effect of forest management on forest site, biodiversity and regeneration; (2) evaluation of ecological effects of continuous forest cover management; (3) investigation of the effects of conservation management on biodiversity in oak forests; (4) the importance of dead wood in biodiversity (bryophytes and fungi); (5) the effect of stand structure on the biodiversity of different organism groups; (6) revealing the biological and chemical diversity of lichens and lichenicolous fungi, community ecological and taxonomical investigation of lichens, maintenance of Lichen herbarium VBI.
From 2020 the Laboratory for Lichenology merged into Forest Ecological Research Group, the former website of the Laboratory for Lichenology is available here:

Selected publications:


Bence Kovács, Flóra Tinya, Csaba Németh, Péter Ódor (2020): Unfolding the effects of different forestry treatments on microclimate in oak forests: results of a 4-year experiment Ecological Applications 30(2): e02043.
Katalin Veres, Edit Farkas, Zsolt Csintalan (2020): The bright and shaded side of duneland life: the photosynthetic response of lichens to seasonal changes is species-specific. Mycol Progress 19, 629–641
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Tinya, F., Kovács, B., Prättälä, A., Farkas, P., Aszalós, R., Ódor, P. (2019): Initial understory response to experimental silvicultural treatments in a temperate oak-dominated forest European Journal of Forest Research 138:65-77.


Elek, Z., Kovács, B., Aszalós, R., Boros, G., Samu, F., Tinya, F., Ódor, P. (2018): Taxon-specific responses to different forestry treatments in a temperate forest. Scientific Reports 8, 16990.