Inspiration and intuition in the light of music and evolution

30 April 2022 – Scholarly discussion, garden picnic and jazz concert during tulip blossom.
Is there a cultural evolution, namely are there similar processes operating behind the changes in fashions and habits as those that drive the living world?
Can inspiration be created by a machine or is it exclusively human?
What are the physical, biological and cultural influences that determine the concept of “musical beauty”?

Company on the cube

Evolutionary biologist András Szilágyi, music historian Ádám Bősze and journalist András Stumpf explore in their conversation the above questions: to some they know the answers already, some they suspect, and for some they can offer the thrill of asking the question.

Concert Binder Trio

Károly Binder, pianist, composer and head of department at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music
Tamás Hidász, drummer with a master’s degree, prize-winner of international jazz competitions
Tibor Fonay jazz bassist – Junior Príma award-winning musician, permanent member of several well-known Hungarian ensembles

Source: Kert a köbön