Research groups

Animal Ecology Research Group

Head of the research group:

senior research fellow

Members of the research group:

Péter Borza, PhD

research fellow

Ádám Egri, PhD

research fellow

Anita Kiss, PhD

institute engineer senior research fellow

György Kriska, DSc

Scientific Advisor

Zsolt Végvári, DSc

Director, Instiute of Aquatic Ecology Scientific Advisor

Zsuzsanna Lánczos

laboratory assistant

Éva Rácz

laboratory assistant

Péter Sály, PhD

research fellow

Zoltán Szalóky, PhD

institute engineer

Maroda, Ágnes

assistant research fellow

Main profile:

The primary task of the research group is to study the structure, biological functions and long-term changes of the aquatic ecosystems and their communities (zooplankton, macro-invertebrate, fish, amphibian, reptile, waterbird) especially regard to the Danube and Tisza River valley ecosystems, with particular attention to the climate change, land use, water use, river basin management, agriculture and other human activities such as polar light pollution effects, as well as provide scientific base for the restoration of rivers and related aquatic and wetland habitats, communities