Research groups

Classical and Molecular Phycological Research Group

Head of the research group:

Scientific Advisor

Members of the research group:

Mónika Duleba

research fellow

Angéla Földi

assistant research fellow

Keve Tihamér Kiss, DSc

Professor Emeritus

Zsuzsa Trábert

assistant research fellow

Melinda Jakab

laboratory assistant

Main profile:

The research group is conducting research on planktonic and benthic algae in the Danube River Basin, studying the effects of dynamic water regime, various hydrological events, local and global disturbances, and climate change on the structure and functioning of these communities. Diatoms are one of the most important algae groups of aquatic ecosystems. We study their autecology, morpho- and molecular taxonomy, trait-based and colonization dynamics in running and standing waters (especially the Danube, Fertő, Lake Velencei and Balaton). These results support the applied research as well helping the water and environmental policy-decisions.

The research group focuses on Szigetköz, one of the most important Hungarian branch systems of the Danube, where our group investigates the relationships between functional patterns and environmental variables through the study of functional traits as proxies for adaptation strategies.

Participates in the Joint Danube Survey.