Research groups

Emerging Pathogen Ecology Research Group

Head of the research group:

senior research fellow

Members of the research group:

Lajos Rózsa, DSc

Scientific Advisor

Éva Szabó

assistant research fellow

Daniel R. Brooks

research professor

Main profile:

The research focus of the group is eco-epidemiology and evolution of parasites and pathogens. Our main aim is to gain a deeper understanding of the biology, natural cycle of human and animal parasites (including microbial pathogens and macroparasites) and their relation with their hosts. We pay special attention to the eco-epidemiology of pathogens emerging as a consequence of climate change and anthropogenic pressure. We plan to implement the obtained results in pandemic and epidemic prevention e.g. by applying the DAMA (Document, Assess, Monitor, Act) protocol. We investigate the epidemiological role of pathogen-transmitting vectors, e.g. ticks and their occurrence in urban areas. We study the evolutionary background behind infectious and non-infectious diseases transmitted by ticks with Darwinian methods. We also deal with historical, behavioural science and biopolitical aspects of pathogens, diseases and pandemics. We examine the host-pathogen relationship and developing diseases from both molecular biological, immunological, ecological and theoretical evolutionary angles.

Selected publications

Alena, Balážová; Gábor, Földvári; Branka, Bilbija; Eva, Nosková; Pavel, Široký.: High Prevalence and Low Diversity of Rickettsia in Dermacentor reticulatus Ticks, Central Europe EMERGING INFECTIOUS DISEASES. 28: 893-895

Rózsa, Lajos; Moldovan, Evelyn.: Relationship between body size and sexual size dimorphism in Syringophilid Quill Mites PARASITOLOGY RESEARCH. 121: 891-898

Apari, Péter; Földvári, Gábor.: Tick bite induced α‐gal syndrome highlights anticancer effect of allergy BIOESSAYS. 44: -

Brooks, Daniel R.; Hoberg, Eric P.; Boeger, Walter A.; Trivellone, Valeria.: Emerging infectious disease: An underappreciated area of strategic concern for food security TRANSBOUNDARY AND EMERGING DISEASES. 69: 254-267

Boeger, Walter A.; Brooks, Daniel R.; Trivellone, Valeria; Agosta, Salvatore J.; Hoberg, Eric P.: Ecological super‐spreaders drive host‐range oscillations: Omicron and risk‐space for emerging infectious disease TRANSBOUNDARY AND EMERGING DISEASES. Early View: -

Földvári Gábor; Szabó Éva; Tóth Gábor Endre; Lanszki Zsófia; Zana Brigitta; Varga Zsaklin; Kemenesi Gábor: Emergence of Hyalomma marginatum and Hyalomma rufipes adults revealed by citizen science tick monitoring in Hungary TRANSBOUNDARY AND EMERGING DISEASES Paper: 14563 , 25 p.