Research groups

Environmental Chemistry Research Group

Head of the research group:

Scientific Advisor

Members of the research group:

Erzsébet Decsiné Gombos, PhD

research fellow

Péter Dobosy, PhD

osztályvezető research fellow

Ádám Illés, PhD

research fellow

Viktória Vetési, PhD student

Wael Almeshal, PhD student

Katalin Nagyné Bodolai

laboratory assistant

Main profile:

  • Chemical characterization of aquatic environment (water body, sediment, phyto- and zooplankton, phyto-and zoobenthos, macrophyton, macro invertebrates, fish) focusing on the identification and quantification of inorganic and organic compounds
  • Monitoring of water quality in rivers and streams complying with the requirement of the EU Water Framework Directives and database building to follow the changes of physical, chemical and biological parameters of Duna and Tisza rivers
  • Study of biofilm formation in aquatic environment with special attention to the characterization of adsorbed inorganic and organic components
  • Effect of climate change on the nutrient turnover and infochemicals harmonizing with the analyses of biological parameters
  • Effect of trace element-enriched or even highly contaminated irrigation waters on the plant cultivation through the soil-plant, plant-human nutrient connections