Research groups

Large-scale Vegetation Ecology Research Group

Head of the research group:

Scientific Advisor

Members of the research group:

Ákos Bede-Fazekas, PhD

research fellow

Anikó Csecserits, PhD

research fellow

István Dancza

research fellow

Attila Lengyel, PhD

research fellow

Tamás Rédei

research fellow

Attila Rigó

assistant research fellow

Imelda Somodi, PhD

senior research fellow

Main profile:

The research group primarily conduct vegetation research on geographical scale, usually using vegetation and environmental databases. The focus of our interest is to document, model and predict the effects of climate and land use change and that of the biological invasion.

In connection with the European Vegetation Survey working group, we care for the database of domestic cenological plots, on the basis of which we work primarily on the revision of the classification of non-woody vegetation. In connection with this, we make methodological developments in the field of vegetation classification.

Using plant traits, we study the rules for the organization of communities (assembly rules).

Selected publications

Mcdonald Grant C.; Bede‐Fazekas Ákos; Ivanov Anton; Crecco Lorenzo; Székely Tamás; Kosztolányi András.: Landscape and climatic predictors of Kentish Plover (Charadrius alexandrinus) distributions throughout Kazakhstan Ibis, 23 April 2022, Early View

Bede‐Fazekas, Ákos; Somodi, Imelda.: The way bioclimatic variables are calculated has impact on potential distribution models METHODS IN ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION. 11: 1559-1570