Research groups

Macrophyte Ecology Research Group

Head of the research group:

senior research fellow

Members of the research group:

Andrea Kériné Borsodi, PhD

Kitti Németh

assistant research fellow

József Szekeres

assistant research fellow

Edina Juhászné Szabó

laboratory assistant

Main profile:

Fundamental and applied research on aquatic macrophytes and biofilm developed on plant surfaces Distribution, abundance, phenetic and genetic diversity of macrophytes in various aquatic environments
Reed die-back and colonization
Plant adaptations to water supply in aquatic and terrestrial habitats
Microbial composition of biofilm formed on aquatic macrophytes and the surrounding water body
Environmental DNA-based analysis of aquatic ecosystems
Effect of climate change on water quality and aquatic ecosystems of the Danube River
Szigetköz monitoring
Joint Danube Survey
‘Drinking Water’ National Excellence Programme

Selected publications

Engloner, A.I.; Németh, K.; Óvári, M.: Significant impact of seasonality, verticality and biofilm on element accumulation of aquatic macrophytes ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION. 292: -

Engloner, Attila I.; Németh, Kitti; Gere, Dóra; Stefán, Dávid; Óvári, Mihály.: Effects of water depth and water level fluctuation on the total and bio-available element concentrations in riverine reed stands ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS. 114: -

Borsodi, Andrea K.; Anda, Dóra; Krett, Gergely; Megyes, Melinda; Németh, Kitti; Dobosy, Péter; Aszalós, Júlia Margit; Engloner, Attila.: Comparison of planktonic and reed biofilm bacteria in different riverine water bodies of river Danube RIVER RESEARCH AND APPLICATIONS. 36: 852-861

Dobosy, Péter; Kröpl, Krisztina; Óvári, Mihály; Sandil, Sirat; Németh, Kitti; Engloner, Attila; Takács, Tünde; Zaray, Gyula.: Biofortification of green bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) and lettuce (Lactuca sativa) with iodine in a plant-calcareous sandy soil system irrigated with water containing KI JOURNAL OF FOOD COMPOSITION AND ANALYSIS 88 Paper: 103434 (2020)