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Plankton Ecology Research Group

Head of the research group:

research fellow

Members of the research group:

András Abonyi, PhD

research fellow

Barbara Barta

assistant research fellow

Károly Pálffy, PhD

research fellow

Rani Varsha

assistant research fellow

Katalin Patonai, PhD student

együttműködő kutató (külsős)

Ádám Fierpasz

Vivien Kardos

institute engineer

Bernadett Szabó


Main profile:

Plankton play a central role in aquatic ecosystems, by representing the main primary producers (phytoplankton) and a key link of energy transfer to higher trophic levels (zooplankton). Our research group is motivated to understand how planktonic communities respond to environmental gradients, and how changes in community composition are linked to ecosystem functioning. By combining empirical and experimental research (micro-and mesocosm experiments), as well as taxonomic and functional approaches, we seek for a more mechanistic understanding on the consequences of planktonic community shifts as a response to multiple stressors under global change. Another focus of our group lies in the ecology and conservation of small aquatic habitats, such as ponds and pools. While these habitats maintain exceptionally high biodiversity and are excellent model systems to test basic ecological theories, their global decline highlights the need of their evidence-based conservation.