Research groups

Restoration Ecology Group

Head of the research group:

senior research fellow

Members of the research group:

Edina Csákvári

assistant research fellow

Ákos Kristóf Csete

assistant research fellow

Melinda Halassy, PhD

senior research fellow

Ágnes Kalóczkai, PhD

research fellow

Nóra Sáradi

assistant research fellow

Katalin Szitár, PhD

research fellow

David Cevallos, PhD student

Paolinelli Bruna, PhD student

tudományos segédmunkatárs

Márton Vörös, PhD student

Zita Zsembery

GIS specialist

Anna Kövendi-Jakó, PhD

assistant research fellow

Main profile:

The Restoration Ecology Group (REG) tests methods suitable for the restoration of natural ecosystems, which can become self-sustaining or require only conventional, extensive management on the long run. The target of restoration is the endemic Pannonian sand grassland that is under protection of the EU (Pannonic sand steppe, habitat code 6260).

Our experiments are currently underway at two locations:
1. The sand dune region and neighbouring anthropogenic landscape of Fülöpháza in the Kiskunság National Park, at the Kiskun LTER site(link is external)Kiskuninlcuding the study of spontaneous regeneration and restoration of open sand grasslands on abandoned fields
2. Nyíregyháza LEGO factory where reconstruction of forest steppe, a mosaic of steppe oak woods and sand grasslands is taking place

Activities of the group include participation in the work of the Society for Ecological Restoration, European Chapter SER Europe(link is external), e.g. conference organization (SER Europe Summer School on Ecological Restoration 2018(link is external), SERE webinars(link is external)). Collaboration with projects dealing with the biodiversity science-policy interface like IPBES(link is external) is gaining importance.

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