Ákos Bede-Fazekas, PhD

research fellow

+36 28 360-122 / 133

Main profile in keywords:
climate change, potential vegetation, ornamental plant, ecological modeling, R, software development

1) Climate change and potential natural vegetation
Potential impact of climate change on the vegetation of Hungary is studied. Potential present and future vegetation of Hungary is predicted.

2) Climate change and ornamental dendrology
Impact of climate change on the ornamental plant application in Hungary and the application possibilities of warm demanding ornamental plants are studied. Related to this research field, previously we developed the methodology of stylization of climate sensitive habitats, and conducted a phenological research on the fall leaf coloring of ornamental plants.

3) Methodology of predictive ecological modeling
Now, calculation of bioclimatic predictors in case of changing climate is studied, while previously we developed a software for modeling distributions in GIS environment using artificial neural networks.