Kovács-Hostyánszki, Anikó, PhD

senior research fellow

+36 28 360-122, 360-147 / 253

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agroecology, pollination ecology, wild bees

As member of the Lendület Ecosystem Services Research Group my research work focuses mainly on wild bees and pollination ecology. I study the effects of agricultural management at local and landscape scales, plant invasion and set-aside management on agrobiodiversity with a special focus on pollinators. I work on plant-pollinator networks and availability, temporal and spatial change of flower resources for honeybees (beepastures). Participation in science-policy interface (e.g. IPBES) and knowledge dissemination for public are important parts of my job.

Selected publications

Kovács-Hostyánszki, Anikó; Szigeti, Viktor; Miholcsa, Zsombor; Sándor, Dorottya; Soltész, Zoltán; Török, Edina; Fenesi, Annamária. Threats and benefits of invasive alien plant species on pollinators BASIC AND APPLIED ECOLOGY 1439-1791 1618-0089. 64: 89-102

Kovács-Hostyánszki, Anikó; Piross, Imre Sándor; Shebl, Mohamed A. Non-native plant species integrate well into plant-pollinator networks in a diverse man-made flowering plant community URBAN ECOSYSTEMS. 2022: -

Dicks, Lynn V.; Breeze, Tom D.; Ngo, Hien T.; Senapathi, Deepa; An, Jiandong; Aizen, Marcelo A.; Basu, Parthiba; Buchori, Damayanti; Galetto, Leonardo; Garibaldi, Lucas A.; Gemmill-Herren, Barbara; Howlett, Brad G.; Imperatriz-Fonseca, Vera L.; Johnson, Steven D.; Kovacs-Hostyanszki, Aniko; Kwon, Yong Jung; Lattorff, H. Michael G.; Lungharwo, Thingreipi; Seymour, Coleen L.; Vanbergen, Adam J.; Potts, Simon G. A global-scale expert assessment of drivers and risks associated with pollinator decline NATURE ECOLOGY & EVOLUTION. 5: 1453-1461

Kovács-Hostyánszki, Anikó; Soltész, Zoltán; Szigeti, Viktor; Somay, László; Báldi, András. Non-rotational set-aside fields improve reproductive success of cavity-nesting bees and wasps at the landscape scale, but have no effect on other wild bees and hoverflies in mid-summer AGRICULTURE ECOSYSTEMS & ENVIRONMENT. 308: -

Szigeti, Viktor; Fenesi, Annamária; Soltész, Zoltán; Berki, Boglárka; Kovács-Hostyánszki, Anikó. Neutral effect of an invasive plant species with specialized flower structure on native pollinator communities BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS. 22: 3017-3030

Cole, L.J.; Kleijn, D.; Dicks, L.V.; Stout, J.C.; Potts, S.G.; Albrecht, M.; Balzan, M.V.; Bartomeus, I.; Bebeli, P.J.; Bevk, D.; Biesmeijer, J.C.; Chlebo, R.; Dautartė, A.; Emmanouil, N.; Hartfield, C.; Holland, J.M.; Holzschuh, A.; Knoben, N.T.J.; Kovács-Hostyánszki, A.; Mandelik, Y.; Panou, H.; Paxton, R.J.; Petanidou, T.; Pinheiro, de Carvalho M.A.A.; Rundlöf, M.; Sarthou, J.-P.; Stavrinides, M.C.; Suso, M.J.; Szentgyörgyi, H.; Vaissière, B.E.; Varnava, A.; Vilà, M.; Zemeckis, R.; Scheper, J. A critical analysis of the potential for EU Common Agricultural Policy measures to support wild pollinators on farmland JOURNAL OF APPLIED ECOLOGY. 57: 681-694

Kovács-Hostyánszki, A; Földesi, R; Báldi, A; Endrédi, A; Jordán, Ferenc. The vulnerability of plant-pollinator communities to honeybee decline: a comparative network analysis in different habitat types ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS. 97: 35-50