Lukács, Balázs András, PhD

team leader
senior research fellow

+36 52 509200/11633 +36 30 5459845

Main profile in keywords:
macrophyton, botany, plant ecology, invasive species, functional traits, diversity

I am a plant ecologist interested in the community ecology and biogeography of aquatic plants. In the recent years I quest the assembly rules of aquatic plants and assess the role of functional traits in aquatic plant species response to environmental factors. My current research covers the field of species invasion, diversity analyses and functional traits. I maintained my interests in the ecology of orchids and endangered terrstrial plants.

My current research fields:

  • Floristic and diversity ecological assessment of the rivers and stagnant waters of the Tisza river basin.
  • Investigation of the functional traits and assambly rules of exotic and native seaweed species.
  • Ecological status assessment of surface waters, development of assessment methods.
  • Floristic and diversity ecological assessment. of running and standing waters of the Tisza river basin
  • Taxonomy book of seaweeds project