Balázs Könnyű, PhD

research fellow


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model, prebiotic evolution, MCRS

Models of prebiotic evolution.
1) We investigate the Metabolically Coupled Replicator System (MCRS), in which replicators create persistent coexisting community both in ecological and in evolutionary time scale using the RNA World scenario.
2) We study theoretically eco-evolutionary interactions among encapsulated replicators, metabolic processes, and membrane within prebiotic liposomes.

Selected publications

Vörös, Dániel; Könnyű, Balázs; Czárán, Tamás. Catalytic promiscuity in the RNA World may have aided the evolution of prebiotic metabolism PLOS COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY. 17: -

Balázs, Könnyű; Ádám, Kun. Surfaces, the missing link in the origins of life JOURNAL OF SYSTEMS CHEMISTRY. 8: 95-106

Szilágyi, András; Könnyű, Balázs; Czárán, Tamás. Dynamics and stability in prebiotic information integration: an RNA World model from first principles SCIENTIFIC REPORTS. 10: -