Ferenc Horváth, PhD

team leader, IT manager

+36 30 5279625

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Main profile in keywords:
forest ecology, forest stand dynamic, ecosystem modeling, mapping of habitats, GIS, database development

Methodology: methodological research and development on habitat mapping and evaluation; harmonizing methods of survey and evaluation of forest structure and dynamic for long term forest reserve research, particularly monitoring of stand structure, regeneration and shrub layer. Monitoring methodology of Natura 2000 forest habitats; development of quantitative ecosystem service indicators.

Long term research of strict forest reserves, organizing standard field surveys.

Development, integration and management of information systems for ecology, botany and nature conservation: FLÓRA 1.2, CoenoDAT, CORINE Biotopes, MÉTA, ER HTV databases and related applications. Developing and setting up Econinformatics Laboratory of MTA ÖK. Developing web services and workflows related to Biome-BGC ecosystem modelling.

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