Flóra Tinya, PhD

research fellow

+36 28 360-122, + 36 28 360-147 / 130

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forest ecology, forest biodiversity, regeneration, forest undergrowth, field experiments

Our projects investigate experimentally the effects of different forestry treatments on site and light conditions, on forest biodiversity and on the regeneration. In the Pilis Forestry Systems experiment we compare some elements of the shelterwood forestry system (clear-cutting, retention tree group, preparation cutting) to the basic intervention type of the continuous cover forestry system (gap-cutting). Our Pilis Gap experiment focuses on the continuous cover forestry, and investigates the site conditions and various forest organism groups in gaps with different size, shape and creation types. Besides, we also study the effects of some conservation-oriented management techniques. Their aim is to enhance the structural heterogeneity of the forest habitat, and thus the forest biodiversity. My own research area within the projects is the study of the light conditions, regeneration and understory vegetation.
In the framework of an international coopertion, we upscale the lessons learned about the effect of forest management on multi-taxon forest biodiversity to a European level.