István Scheuring, DSc

Scientific Advisor


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human cooperation and altruism, microbiome dynamics, social division of labour, cultural evolution

1) Human cooperation and altruism
We study the characteristics of human cooperation and altruism with agent based models, data analysis and experimentally. We look for the characteristic behaviour of human in this context and we are interested in the evolutionary background of it.

2) Microbiome dynamics
One of the specific nature of prokaryotes that they release enzymes and antibiotics to the extracellular matrix. These materials significantly determine the composition and stability of these communities. We study how these „common goods/bads” effect on the dynamical stability of microbiome, how they modify the frequency of mutualistic interactions and how diffusional constraints control the composition of communities.

3) Dynamical study of non-linear public good
We study the general dynamical behaviour of non-linear public goods. We are interested in how these models can be used in describing cooperative behaviour in biological systems.

4) Social division of labour
We work out dynamical models describing the division of labour and population structure of social spiders. We study how this simple division of labour can be explained evolutionary. These investigations can help to understand evolutionary processes lead to major transitions.

5) Communication and cultural evolution
We work out models for bird song cultural evolution with the help of long term dataset from collared flycatcher (Ficedula albicollis).