László Erdős, PhD

research fellow

+36 28 360-122, 360-147 / 147 +36 30 499-5142

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Main profile in keywords:
forest-steppe, spatial heterogeneity, diversity patterns, nature conservation

1) Spatial heterogeneity of forest-steppes
My aim is to describe the patterns of environmental factors and vegetation in forest-steppes, with particular emphasis on diversity indices. I want to find out what the contribution of individual habitats to the overall diversities and conservation value of the whole mosaic landscape is.

2) Ecological edges and boundaries
I am investigating selected environmental parameters and vegetation characteristics of forest edges to reveal what their structural and functional role is.

3) Vegetation gradients
I study how vegetation is changing through a series of neighbouring communities. In particular, I am interested in the use of the multivariate technique called ‘moving split window analysis.’

4) Floristical and phytocoenological researches in the Villány Mts
I analyse the distribution and characteristics of plant associations in the Villány Mts, a small mountain region in southern Hungary. Also, I study the distribution of protected and rare plants in this region.

5) Naturalness indicators
I study how relative naturaness indicators can be used to assess the naturalness/degradation of plant communities, and how these indicators are related to similar systems such as the relative ecological indicators of Ellenberg and the hemeroby indicators of Jalas.

6) Environmental ethics
I am interested in how the main directions of the green movement (i.e., environmentalism, nature conservation, and animal advocacy) are related to one another, and what their ethical bases are.