Biró, Marianna, PhD

senior researcher

+36 28 360-122/ 157

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historical landscape ecology, long-term changes of Natura 2000 habitats, effects of grazing in wetlands

long-term vegetation changes, extensive habitat management practices in the past, oral history, long-term forest cover changes and forest continuity, long-term trends of Natura2000 habitats, historical landscape ecology, traditional ecological knowledge, perception of landscape changes, ecosystem services, Eurasian beaver, effects of grazing on wetland vegetation
Methods: GIS, interview technics, analyzing historical maps and written historical sources, field surveys

Selected publications

Biró, Marianna; Molnár, Zsolt; Öllerer, Kinga; Demeter, László; Bölöni, János. Behind the general pattern of forest loss and gain: A long-term assessment of semi-natural and secondary forest cover change at country level Landscape and Urban Planning, 220:104334

Biró, M.; Molnár, Zs.; Öllerer, K.; Lengyel, A.; Ulicsni, V.; Szabados, K.; Kiš, A.; Perić, R.; Demeter, L.; Babai, D. Conservation and herding co-benefit from traditional extensive wetland grazing Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment. Volume 300, 15 September 2020, 106983

Ujházy, Noémi; Molnár, Zsolt; Bede-Fazekas, Ákos; Szabó, Mária Ottilia; Biró, Marianna. Do farmers and conservationists perceive landscape changes differently? Ecology and Society, 25(3):12.

Biró, Marianna; Molnár, Zsolt; Babai, Dániel; Dénes, Andrea; Fehér, Alexander; Barta, Sándor; Sáfián, László; Szabados, Klára; Kiš, Alen; Demeter, László; Öllerer, Kinga. Reviewing historical traditional knowledge for innovative conservation management: A re-evaluation of wetland grazing SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT. 666: 1114-1125

Biró, Marianna; Bölöni, János; Molnár, Zsolt Use of long-term data to evaluate loss and endangerment status of Natura 2000 habitats and effects of protected areas CONSERVATION BIOLOGY. 32(3):660-671.

Demeter, László; Molnár, Ábel Péter; Bede-Fazekas, Ákos; Öllerer, Kinga; Varga, Anna; Szabados, Klára; Tucakov, Marko; Kiš, Alen; Biró, Marianna; Marinkov, Jelena; Molnár, Zsolt. Controlling invasive alien shrub species, enhancing biodiversity and mitigating flood risk: A win–win–win situation in grazed floodplain plantations Journal of Environmental Management. 295:113053

Gantuya, Batdelger; Biró, Marianna; Molnár, Ábel; Avar, Ákos; Sharifian Bahraman, Abolfazl; Babai, Dániel; Molnár, Zsolt. How Mongolian herders perceive ecological change in a “stable” landscape Ecology and Society, 26 (2):21.

Molnár, Zs.; Kelemen, A.; Kun, R.; Máté, J.; Sáfián, L.; Biró, M; Máté, A.; Vadász, Cs. Knowledge co‐production with traditional herders on cattle grazing behaviour for better management of species‐rich grasslands JOURNAL OF APPLIED ECOLOGY, 57. (2020) pp. 1677-1687.

Ulicsni, Viktor; Babai, Dániel; Juhász, Erika; Molnár, Zsolt; Biró, Marianna. Local knowledge about a newly reintroduced, rapidly spreading species (Eurasian beaver) and perception of its impact on ecosystem services PLOS ONE. 15(5): e0233506