Melinda Halassy, PhD

senior research fellow

Research groups:
Restoration Ecology Group

+36 28 360-122, 360-147 / 123

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Main profile in keywords:
restoration ecology, dry grasslands, seed bank, plant traits

1) The application of filter-based assembly models in the restoration of sand grasslands
The aim of the study is to integrate and scale up the local knowledge gained on sand grassland restoration in Hungary within the framework of filter-based assembly models in order to help the elaboration of a future national restoration strategy and to test related ecological theory. We re-sample previous restoration experiments (expansion in time), and local results will be completed with landscape scale factors (invasion level and propagule availability) that might influence the outcome of restoration measures (expansion in space).

2) The role of invasive species in the restoration of Pannonic sand steppes
The aim of the study is to detect the impact of the presence, spread and transformation of invasive species on restoration interventions, and to demonstrate the impact of landscape-level invasion (invasion pressure) on the success of restoration.

3) Reconstruction of semi-natural vegetation at an industrial area (LEGO)
The long-term goal is to create a mosaic of open steppe oak woods and open and closed sand grasslands in the area of a factory yard. We tested different seed introduction techniques and forest installation methods.