Zsolt Molnár, DSc

Team Leader
Scientific Advisor


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Main profile in keywords:
Ethnogeobotany, ethnoecology, traditional ecological knowledge related to vegetation and habitats - Actual vegetation mapping of the territory of Hungary (MÉTA) - Historical landscape ecology

– botanist, ethnoecologist
– member of the IPBES(link is external) Indigenous and Local Knowledge(link is external) Task Force
– Coordinating Lead Author in the IPBES(link is external) Global Assessment
– Leader of the Research Group ‘Traditional Ecological Knowledge'(link is external)

Main interests:
Traditional, indigenous and local ecological knowledge of herders and farmers in Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Mongolia and Iran, knowledge co-production with herders and farmers to avoid or resolve conflicts with conservation; traditional land management, perception of landscape change and nature’s contributions to people by locals; conservation management, monitoring using local indicators, conservation and agri-environmental policy; land-use and vegetation history of the Hungarian Plain (1780-present); habitat classifications, actual habitat mapping, trend analysis of Natura 2000 habitats (1783-2013).

Selected publications

Gantuya, Batdelger; Biró, Marianna; Molnár, Ábel; Avar, Ákos; Sharifian Bahraman, Abolfazl; Babai, Dániel; Molnár, Zsolt. How Mongolian herders perceive ecological change in a “stable” landscape ECOLOGY AND SOCIETY. 26: -

Molnár, Zsolt; Babai, Dániel. Inviting ecologists to delve deeper into traditional ecological knowledge TRENDS IN ECOLOGY & EVOLUTION. 36: 679-690

Molnár, Zs.; Kelemen, A.; Kun, R.; Máté, J.; Sáfián, L.; Biró, M; Máté, A.; Vadász, Cs. Knowledge co‐production with traditional herders on cattle grazing behaviour for better management of species‐rich grasslands JOURNAL OF APPLIED ECOLOGY. 57: 1677-1687