Zsolt Nagy-László

institute engineer

Research groups:
Microalgal Working Group


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Main profile in keywords:
potamoplankton dynamics, algal taxonomy, environmental constraints, functional ecology, EQR, database handling


taxonomical composition of phytoplankton from freshwaters of the Pannonian and Dinarian Ecoregions.

role of environmental constraints shaping composition and biomass of the phytoplankton from rivers of the Carpathian Basin.

ecological quality assessment of freshwaters based on phytoplankton taxonomical composition.

functional ecology of algal communities (i.e. rhitro and potamoplankton)

phytoplankton samplings and analysis (i.e. with the light microscope) related methodological issues.
algal blooms ecology

large phytoplankton database and developing, testing related statistical program for ecological quality assessment purposes.