Effect of non-indigenous, invasive species on the vegetation development of old-fields during secondary succession

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The spreading of non-native, alien species is one of the most important reason for the decline of biodiversity. The alien species cause important damage in biodiversity also in Hungary. In the mean time there is only a few studies assessing the effect of alien species on the indigenous species and ecosystems.
You can join to a the reserach, where we study the effect of invasive alien plant species - especially the effect of milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) on primary and secondary dry grassland vegetation. We use both field survey and experimental approach.

I wait for the application of those BSc or MSc students, who would like to work:
- in dry grasslands
- interested in plant ecolgy
- intersted in problems, question of nature conservation, like invasion or land-use change

What I can to offer:
- obtainment of advancet knowledge of plant species and vegetation, especially in lowland dry habitats
- getting experience and practice in field work planning and process
- getting experience and practice in the basic computer programs used in nature conservation (e.g. geoinformatics, statistics)