Our mission at the Centre is to carry out high quality research on the biological diversity of forest, grassland, lake and river ecosystems, to learn about these systems, and to provide evidence of the importance of their conservation. The Centre is the home of researchers from various disciplines, including ecology, botany, hydrobiology, meteorology, agronomy, forestry, as well as interdisciplinary sciences.

The Centre, was established in 2012 combining three research institutions, then in the summer of 2019, the Institute of Evolution was established. We are working on the integration of these institutes and disciplines, as the solution to our environmental problems cannot be solved in isolation. New research projects and our involvement in both global and EU level policies on ecosystem services shows our commitment to putting biodiversity into a wider context.

The Centre is the largest ecology institute in Hungary, and therefore it is dedicated to being an advisor to the nation on issues related to biodiversity and ecosystems, and also responsible for supporting the development of ecology in Hungary. We organise and host meetings, and take part in education and outreach of research.

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