Mapping and assessment of ecosystem services in Natura 2000 sites of the Niraj – Tarnava Mica region

Norway/EEA Grants (Niraj-MAES, 2015 - 2016, running project)
Coordinator or leader of the project: 
Kelemen Katalin
Coordinator or leader institution of the project: 
Milvus Group
Responsible person at ÖK: 
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Key ecosystem services of four adjacent Natura 2000 sites are assessed and mapped with participatory methods based on local knowledge in the Niraj – Tarnava Mica region, Romania


The goal of the project is to assess and map the most important ecosystem services of the area based on the perception, valuation and utilization of the services by the local residents. Supporting studies on local economic characteristics, legal environment and the most important stakeholder groups help understanding the local context. Indicators are elaborated for the selected ecosystem services based on local knowledge and long-term scenarios are built during a participatory process, considering potential changes of land use and ecosystem services in the future. Suggestions for optimal land use options are drawn from the synthesis of the above results and provided for the local and regional decision making processes.