IE Evolutionary Systems Research Group

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The present work of the research group is organized into six subprojects:

1. Evolutionary ecology
2. Emerging pathogens and Darwinian medicine
3. Major evolutionary transitions
4. Communication and cooperation
5. Evolutionary economics
6. Astrobiology / The origin of life

Selected publications:


de Vladar, HP, E Szathmáry (2017): Beyond Hamilton's rule Science 356(6337): 485-486.
de Vladar, HP, M Santos, E Szathmary (2017): Grand Views of Evolution Trends in Ecology & Evolution 32(5): 324-334.
Garay J, V Csiszár, TF Móri (2017): Survival phenotype, selfish individual versus Darwinian phenotype Journal of Theoretical Biology 430: 86-91.
Lang Z, L Rózsa, J Reiczigel (2017): Comparison of measures of crowding, group size and diversity Ecosphere 8(7): e01897