Scientific leaders

Garamszegi, László Zsolt


1) Acoustic communication and cultural evolution We use a long-term dataset in a wild passerine model, the collared flycatcher (Ficedula albicollis) to understand the roles of bird song in sexual selection and the spatial and temporal […]

Szilágyi, András

Director, Institute of Evolution

1. Origin of life Investigation of early evolution by analytical and in-silico models. Potential evolutionary routes to the first biological systems, prebiotic evolution. Analysis of the information integration capabilities of early biological systems. 2. Early major […]

Ódor Péter

Ódor, Péter

Director, Institute of Ecology and Botany

Education: 1997 MSc, Biology and Biology and Chemistry Teacher, Eötvös University 2003 PhD, Ecology and Evolution, Biological PhD School of Eötvös University 2018 DSc (Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Scinces), Hungarian Academy of Scinces Work-Experience: […]

Végvári, Zsolt

Director, Instiute of Aquatic Ecology

1) Climatic responsiveness We investigate how plants and animals respond to climatic processes by modifying their phenological characteristics, such as flowering and emergence dates as well as the timing of migratory movements, considering broad taxonomic scales. […]

Valkó, Orsolya

Head of Scientific Secretariat

She graduated as biologist in 2008, and defended her PhD in 2012 at the University of Debrecen. She is a doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences since 2020. Orsolya Valkó is a scientific advisor at […]


Kerkai, Dóra Financial Director

Zsigmond, Vince Head of Garden, National Botanic Garden

Karoliny, Diana Head of Department of Management

Draskóczy, Eszter Head of Communications

Vass, Anna Johanna, PhD Library Manager

M. Nagy, Domonkos Administration and Innovation Manager

Tóthné Nagy, Adrienn Secretary of the Director-General

Mátyók, Henrietta Secretary of the Executive Director