CO-OP4CBD – Cooperation for the Convention on Biological Diversity

Megvalósítás alatt lévő/Futó projekt

ID: 101081778 – CO-OP4CBD
Lead researcher: Báldi, András
Planned duration: 2022.12.01.– 2026.11.30.
Amount of support: 4 359 748.75 EUR, 289 625.00 EUR
Funding organisation: Európai Unió
Programme: EU-H2020


The overall aim of the CO-OP4CBD project is to enhance coordination of European Union support to advance the implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), through a more effective use of existing expertise and initiatives. This will lead to greater coherence in the ways in which the EU, its Member States and associated countries identify and draw on available expertise, improved advice, and support to a range of CBD processes, and a more coordinated and cooperative approach in the engagement of experts in supporting implementation of other intergovernmental agreements and processes.